Our Passion

We love working with people. We love the planning process and working with individuals, families and businesses. There is nothing better than developing a plan that will take someone from the bottom of the mountain to the top and back again. It requires two totally different skills to climb the mountain and then come down. Starting out in life and later, we want to climb as far and as high as possible. There comes a time however when it’s time to start back down, as we grow older or when we sell our business. It’s important to have both sets of skills or two sets of plans that will allow us to safely come down from the top. Our passion is developing and planning and making that plan work, so when we (you) reach the top of the mountain you have the skills and resources to safely come down. We call that Plan Well - Live Well.

Our clients come to us seeking advisors who will place their interests first in every decision made and action taken. They remain with us because we demonstrate that commitment every day. We call that Doing the Right Thing is Always the Right Thing.

Those are the two Foundation Stones I mentioned in my introductory letter. We Plan Like Crazy and then Do the Right Thing.

Ultimately our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships built on integrity and mutual trust as we guide our clients and friends on the path that will allow them to achieve their Personal and Business Financial Goals.